Fast Track Courses

Ask about our fast track courses and Learn to drive in 4 to 8 WEEKS (depending on previous driving experience) and get through your test as soon as possible. 

Prices for fast track driving courses start from £500.00 depending on your previous driving experience?

Please call us for more details.


Motorway & Refresher Lessons

Motorway Driving


If there is any part of your driving with which you are not totally happy with, if you have had a break or just need a couple of refresher lessons in Motorway Driving, Parking or just to build up your confidence,.... Then contact us to arrange lessons tailored exactly to you needs.


From 4th June 2018 provisional licence holders may drive on the motorway if they are accompanied by an approved driving instructor and are driving a car displaying red L plates (D plates in Wales), that is fitted with dual controls.