Coronavirus 31st December 2020

As Hampshire has now gone into tier 4 we are unable to teach pupils to drive and tests will not be going ahead in tier 4. The DVSA will email candidates who are affected by this to let them know of when their test will be rescheduled.  Theory tests will be suspended. 


However, Wiltshire has gone into tier 3 which means that lessons can still go ahead.  Our instructors that live in Wiltshire will be able to teach their pupils also living in the tier 3 area, but are not allowed to go into a tier 4 area. 


Tests in tier 3 areas will go ahead, although the DVSA will be reducing the number of car practical tests the examiners carry out per day from 6 to 5.  Anyone who has a car driving test booked in a tier 3 area who is exempt from wearing a face covering may have to delay their test until the area moves out of tier 3. The DVSA will reschedule their test if they cannot find a volunteer driving examiner to conduct their test without them wearing a face covering. Theory tests will still continue in tier 3. 


These will remain in place until at least the next formal government review. 


Whilst we understand that this situation can be frustrating, we really do appreciate your patience and support at this time.



Thank you on behalf of all the team at ADS.