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There is no better feeling than tearing up those L Plates.


Please read below just some of the many letters, e-mails and reviews we receive from pupils on a weekly basis. We have supplied, with the pupils permision, full names and photos, when available to confirm authenticity of all our comments. They have been published as they were written to us. You can also visit  www.facebook reviews  to read other pupils reports placed on facebook directly. Please feel free to leave your own comments on the bottom of this page.  Thank you.



Andover Driving School was the first I approached, and happy to say I continued with. I had the pleasure of having Nick Connell-Smith as my instructor and words cannot express how appreciative I am. From day one he has been supportive, approachable, friendly and has far superseded my expectations, generous with his time! The support didn't just stop within the lessons, the follow up emails with such extensive notes on everything from roundabouts to MSPSL, general thoughts, show me/tell me...the list goes on. It is all very much appreciated, you took away my nerves and gave me confidence and encouragement week on week. Nick don't ever stop your an amazing 'teacher' have thoroughly enjoyed mostly every minute apart from mini roundabouts:). Passed first time 3 faults..THANK YOU!!!!xx

Amy Rennison


Nick is an outstanding driving instructor, he has helped me progress massively and I am very grateful for that, thank you.


Sophie Dallolio

Thank you very much Andover Driving School! I learnt how to drive very quickly with the help from mark who was a brilliant instructor and I would defiantly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive! '

Finley Kirby

I would just like to say a big Thank you to Mark for all his efforts and hard work teaching me to drive. I passed with ZERO driving faults and an effortless drive! My lessons felt individual to me and I never felt like I couldn't drive or it was too much hastle. After the new test route opened I was really panicking that I would end up with the route and fail but after a few lessons I was confident enough to receive this route as my test and pass!! Thankyou so much Mark!


Emily Gibbs



Passed with mark, I couldn't recommend him enough he taught me in a way I could understand easily after not getting to grips with driving with a different driving school. I can honestly say I don't think I could have done it if I didn't have him as an instructor thank you so much


Hollie Scott






I would just like to say thank you Mark for all your help, getting me passed my test. Without yur help I would never have regained my confidence behind the wheel and realised how competent a driver I am behind the wheel ! Hopefully you'll pass me on all the roads soon in my little orange car !

Thanks again


Rhiannon White



I contacted Andover Driving School in early January, knowing they were very busy but was in desperate need of starting learning to drive quickly, they managed to squeeze me in with their tight schedule and got me in with Aimee within the week. I absolutely loved learning with Aimee she kept calm and collected in all situations and is amazing with new and nervous learners. I will miss our weekly chats and catch ups but I would definitely recommend Aimee and the whole team! Thanks again guys and girls.


Leah Firth.




I just wanted to thank Aimee she was a seriously good driving teach...er, having only had a total of 15 and a half hours of lessons I passed first time with only 5 minors. She saved me a lot of money!! Top quality teacher, just hopefully she isn't lured into eventually becoming an examiner(please stay at least to teach my brother and sister!) Have a good wedding, best of luck, and thank you sooo much! Pass plus next step Xxx


Nicholas Nott


I would like to thank Aimee for helping to pass my test she was fantastic !! I was also pregnant whilst taking my lessons she was very patient with me and understanding and when I felt like giving up she encouraged me that I could do it im so glad she did because I got there in the end and am now able to take my little girl everywhere thankyou so much :D


Megan Saunders

My instructor was Mark Drinkwater and he is fantastic! He is always on time and friendly which made me feel comfortable and less anxious after lessons didn't work out with another driving school. I loved my driving lessons! Part of me wishes I could keep them going even though Mark helped me pass first time with one minor fault by having amazing patience and teaching ability.  I will definitely be recommending Andover Driving School to friends! 


Hayley Smith



Although I hate to admit it but I have been learning to drive for nearly 10 years now and failed 12 times. Using a total of 4 different driving schools (before Andover Driving School) you learn that every driving instructor has their own personal methods of teaching, and have different attitudes towards their job.
I have nothing bad to say about Aimee Cook (was Drinkwater) of Andover Driving School, not only was she professional and dedicated... but she is passionate and exceeds over expectations of what a driving instructor should be. Giving up her free time to help and reassure her pupils outside of lesson hours with as well as using every second of the lesson to teach rather than "chat."

I am a nervous pupil and tend to panic over the smallest things but Aimee has a grace in the art calming measures to the point of taking a risk and taking a test in a town i've never driven in before and passing first time.

This was the first time i've ever met Aimee and was completely by chance from recommendation of a friend that I tried driving with her rather than any of my previous instructors and I can honestly say that taking that chance was the best decision I ever made.


Thank you again Aimee.
Words cannot describe how grateful I am for what you have done for me and my driving confidence.

I can now expand my business and teach further afield in whatever location I wish.


Liam Abram

Founder, Choreographer & Teacher Of Showoff Dance 





I went with Aimee from andover driving school, I only had 15 hours of driving lessons with her and I passed first time with only 2 minors! I truly recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much Aimee! You did a fantastic job of teaching me!


Hollie Poore



Best driving instructor around couldn't of wished for anyone better. Mark helped me pass my thoery first time along with my test.


Luke Wilson



Thank you so much Amy for helping me to pass first time in only 12 weeks! I couldn't have done it without you, fantastic teacher, very patient and lovely company :) Very good at explaining things and the way that you teach the manoeuvres using reference points was extremely helpful!


Georgia Cook



I can't thank Aimee enough for all the help during my driving lessons and test, she was always willing to fit me in at the most awkward times and help me whenever I needed. She's a brilliant teacher and I would truly recommend her to anyone!


Chloe Lister


I can't thank or recommend Aimee enough. She's amazing. Her calm and patient approach as a driving instructor should be adhered to by all in the industry. Constantly praises, makes you feel at ease, puts herself out for arranging lessons after working hours. I owe my new sense of independence to her. I wish you all the best with your wedding and future, I hope everything goes perfect for you.  xx


Nicola Ellis

Thank you so much Mark for the past couple of months! You really helped my confidence driving because you were so patient! Would recommend to anyone looking for a friendly, reliable driving school! 
Hope Glendon


I had Aimee as my driving instructor and she was fantastic. I passed first time thanks to her and still can't believe it. I suffer badly from anxiety and she always made me feel at ease, she is a brilliant teacher, I can't thank her enough.


Lauren Parsons

I would just like to thank mark from Andover Driving School, such a brilliant instructor and very patient and honest. I passed my driving test first time with him. Really recommend Mark and Andover Driving School. Thanks Mark :)


Donna Goodeve


I huge thank you to Aimee for helping me to pass my driving test on my second attempt with only 1 minor. Aimee was so supportive and patient and made me feel so relaxed. I honestly can't thank her enough. I am going to miss our lessons and our catch ups. I would highly recommend Aimee and Andover Driving School to everyone. Thank you so much for everything x


Chantal Pigrome

More than just the expert tutelage, it was Marks faith in myself that really helped. I could not recommend him enough! A thousand thank-you's!


Dean Bowie


Passed first time with 3 minors thanks to Mark! Amazing instructor, so patient and taught me well, definitely recommend to anyone needing a good instructor! Thanks Mark :)


Lexi Shears


A massive thanks to Andover Driving School for getting me through my test. Such a relief to have my licence!! brilliant instructors, really nice all round, really couldn't ask for anymore, thanks again to Mark and I Know he has retired now but also chris!!  Thanks again guys will certainly recommend you to all my friends and family!


Adam Bacon


I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Aimee who has so much patience when you are learning and really helps you build your confidence! Helped me pass first time! great driving school, I will Definetly be recommending Andover driving school to friends and family!  


Elle Heard


My Driving instructor was Aimee and passed my test first time. Great experience with Andover Driving School. Thanks for all your help. 


Rachael griffiths


Just want to give a massive thank you to Mark Drinkwater after passing my driving test today :) excellent Instructor, very patient and made my lessons enjoyable. Will be recommending Andover driving school to my friends and family.


Charlene Dance

Passed first time, thank you to Mark who was very patient, and helpful. especially at roundabouts :)
Thank you :)

Gabrielle Cliffe


Aimee is a wonderfull Driving Instructor who performed a miracle in getting me through my test after many fails with previous Instructors. She is very good and wants you to pass as soon as you are ready, filling you with the confidence to do the test.  I can't thank her enough.


Neil Duncan


A Massive thank you to Aimee Drinkwater. Amazing teacher with lots of patience. 100% recommend. Thank you again Aimee......


Jordan Stephens


I would just like to say how great Aimee has been!! she has talked me through everything and supported, helped and most of all made me feel comfortable while learning with her!! Thank you so much Aimee and Andover Driving School. MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!! xx


Abbie Oakley

I would like to thank both Chris and Mark for their patience and helping me to pass my test today! Both fantastic instructors, and I highly recommend the Andover Driving School! :D



Charlotte Banks

After learning with Aimee I managed to pass my test today, I had failed two previous tests with a different instructor so was nervous to start again with someone new but Aimee had so much patience and made me feel very comfortable which made everything so much more relaxed. Would definitely recommend learning with Aimee. Thankyou!xx


Gemma Spanswick


I had Aimee Drinkwater as my driving instructor, I was her first student to do an intensive course which went very well. I passed within 5 weeks. I would highly recommend learning with her and Andover Driving school. 


Matthew Chant


Thank you Aimee for helping me with all the driving lessons and helping me pass my test today for the first time x


Leah Cook

Would just like to say the most enormous thank you to Alexander. Was truly the best feeling ever passing today and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done to help me, I haven't been the easiest to sit in a car with for two hours at a time. Would also like to say a massive thank you to Mark as well for helping me on Monday for an hour, all your pointers were taken on board! P.S Sorry Alex, I still cried like a baby when I got in and told my parents. Again a massive thank you. Xxxxxxxxxxxx


Chantelle Lake

Finally passed my driving test First Time and getting the hat trick for the week for Mark drinkwater!
After a rubbish start with a different instructor, Mark at Andover Driving School was recommend to me by a friend. Great teacher and would recommend him to anyone, His high standard of driving expected in the mock tests, really made the real thing easier than i thought :). thanks again!! see you on the road mark!


Jordan Davies

After 5 different instructors & 2 failed tests, I finally passed! Thank you Mark and Andover Driving School for your patience and helpful tips on the tricky manoeuvres & hill starts.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  


Livi Knight


I passed 1st time today Aimee Drinkwater. I want to say a huge thank you to Aimee for helping me achieve my goal! Thanks again



Caroline Sharp


I passed first time with Andover driving school, they were really good with preparing me for my test. A massive thank you for everything, would highly recommend Alex and Andover driving school!


Kelly Butler


I would like to thank everyone at Andover Driving School as they were excellent in helping get me ready for my test. I had previously been with another driving school, but I am very happy that I switched to Andover Driving School because I've been able to pass my test a lot sooner. The instructors are friendly and very helpful - I would definitely recommend Aimee & Andover Driving School over any other driving school. 


Annie Brookes


Today I passed my driving test first time, 3 days before my baby due date! A HUGE thank you to Aimee, I couldn't have done it without her! A great, knowledgeable teacher with a fantastic sense of humour! I will miss her company each week! Aimee - Thank you for your patience, encouragement and for giving me the confidence to pass first time! 



Emma Butcher

Mark, a huge thank you!
Passing the first time was more than I ever dreamed. Having called Andover Driving school and having you as an instructor proved to be the best decision I made. Your teaching skills were very helpful and, definitely, brought me where I wanted to get.

All the best,

Diana Ignat

I would like to thank Andover Driving School for helping me out with lessons that were very calm and interactive to help me pass my driving exam ! Thank you mark and thank you Alex for making it possible it has been truly a really good experience. Highly recommended ! 



Charannya Balakumar


I would like to thank Aimee for helping me pass first time :) she is a great instructor, helpful and really nice. She helped me gain the confidence throughout my lessons to pass! Thank You :D xxx



Jade Sherwin

Aimee Drinkwater is a star and has helped me through so much and I managed to pass my driving test first time today she is one amazing driving instructor and I recommend her to anyone with any anxiety issues.




Harmony Briley 

I had my driving lessons with the lovely Aimee Drinkwater while I was pregnant. She was very supportive and understanding during my time with her as my pregnancy was difficult, I passed first time 14 days after giving birth to my son:) on the day she gave great advice and helped me relax.. Highly recommended :) thanks so much Aimee xxxxx

Carly Louise

I have just passed my driving test! First time!! Thank you so much to Aimee for all your hard work and fitting me in at all the awkward times! Honestly, I would recommend Aimee or ADS to everyone I know!! Thank you so much again! 




Emma Blackburn


A* instructor would recommend Mark and
Andover Driving School to anyone :)



Nick Chilton

Thank you Aimee so much for your help and support in getting me through my driving test and your patience with my English not being  so good ,thank you again for teaching me to drive and helping me with my English.... 


Racha Long


So so pleased I passed my driving test today thanks to Alex!
So much patience and made the whole experience so enjoyable! Thank you again, couldn't have asked for a better teacher! x x




Lucy Hall



I passed first time with this driving school. I would thoroughly recommend the school and my teacher Mark. This is because he always accomodated me and was calm and patient as I was a nervous wreck driving when I started with him and not confident or driving independently. I hope you choose Mark as I found him the best in the area after trying a couple of other schools, as he always listened and puts the pupil first. Just one last note, Thank you Mark. 



Lynsey Grover


I started driving with Andover Driving School on 26th October 2012 with Mark who is an excellent teacher, has so much patience, is very nice to talk to and is always smiling which is great and is also very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Mark as the best manual instructor. In May 2013 I switched to Automatic transmission because of my terrible multi-tasking with the manual gear changing. I used all of my skills that I had learnt from Mark which were so helpful. My automatic instructor was Tracey; she is just such a lovely person and an excellent instructor. She has a lot of knowledge which is so easy to understand and remember, has a lot of patience and is also very nice to talk to. Because of her guidance, patience, understanding and the ability to make me feel so calm when driving I was able to pass my test 1st time. I would definitely recommend Andover Driving School. I think it is the best around and would definitely never choose anyone else!


Becky Chilton




I have just passed my driving test after a few weeks driving with Aimee, she is a fantastic teacher and is very calm and very easy to get on with. Aimee is a lovely   lady and would definitely recommend her and is worth  the money you pay!xx




Mica Poore


A massive thank you again to Aimee for teaching me in such a calming and positive manner. Wouldn't of been able to pass FIRST TIME without you! Would recommend Andover Driving School to anyone!




Gail Bartlett



Thank You very much Aimee for your patience and being so friendly. I was nervous to begin with, but always looked forward to my lessons and was chuffed to bits to pass first time.


Jodie Cook


Passed first time with andover driving school (Mark Drinkwater), A* instructor in and around andover. Great teaching everything you need to pass, I would recommend to anyone very big thank you! 


 Abaidur Rahman



A Big thanks to Aimee who helped me pass my test first time,

Aimee is very relaxing and helps ease nerves, by being patient

and understanding.

 Lunette Sheppard

Thank you so much to Aimee I'm very happy in passing today

defo telling people to go with Andover driving school. 
Brodie Whatmough

Would like to thank Aimee for all her hard work to help me pass my driving test first time!  I was a very nervous driver but with Aimee’s patience, support and encouragement I really felt my confidence grow with each lesson. Would definitely recommend her . THANK YOU . XXXX 


Elysia Pickett


Mark thanks for teaching me to drive you have been a great teacher,

cant belive I past first time and it was all with your help thank you

so much i will be recomending you to all my friends and family, thank
you so much for everything :)


Steven France



All our Reviews Below are from our pupils who "for whatever reason" did not wish to have their photo taken, but I would still like to say a big thank you to them for all their supportive Comments......



Hi Pete
Can't thank you enough for all your patience and support. You've been a great instructor. We've definitely had our ups and downs, but we got there in the end! So pleased to have passed with you and can't think of a better instructor to pass with. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a funny and supportive instructor.
Thank you so much!.......PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah nation :)

Thank you so much Mark. You helped with my driving so much and I passed first time. I would reccomend to Anyone. Thank you so much again.  

Holly Simonson

Passed 1st time within 6 months, thanks Mark! Fantastic instructor who I highly recommend.

Curtis Page


I passed first time with Mark as my instructor.
He's an excellent teacher; professional, amiable and knowledgable. I was so well prepared that the driving test was easy.
Thanks Mark

Steven Mansfield


Thank you very much mark for all your help and I've passed 1st time

Lewis Evans 


Peter has been a brilliant instructor, throughout the learning process. From starting as a complete beginner he has guided me with a lot of patience and good humour, all the way through to the end when I finally passed my test. He favours a practicle approach to driving over theory based lessons, which enabled me to find out first hand how to do things. The road was long and bumpy but we made it together.
Thank you once again.
Phil Shaw

I past my test today thanks to a great instructor (Mark.
He is amazing driving instructor. Thank you Mark :)

Robert Veitch


I had a great time learning with Mark, he is very good at teaching and was fun to talk to whilst learning. Also i passed first time so it shows he's good :) If you don't know who to learn with go with Andover driving school!!

Annabel Warwick


I love Mark.:-) He's such a lovely bloke. I've just passed my test today. Thank you Andover Driving School!!

Blanka Balazs


Andover Driving School was brilliant in helping me pass. My instructor, Mark, was very patient - in the circumstances - and made me feel very positive about my test. Thank you!

Edward carins


I would just like to say a massive thank you to my instructor Mark for teaching me and getting me through my test. I passed first time and am now out driving on my own. Im so glad I put all my time effort in and had all the help needed. Being told you've passed is the best thing in the world! THANKS Andover Driving school!!!! :)
Maddison Paine


Peter you have been an amazing instructor. The lessons were great value for money because a lot of practical was done in every lesson therefore i was developing my driving skill all the time. As my test drew closer the test allowed me to be able to practice what i was least comfortable with, this gave me the confidence for my test and allowed me to pass the second time around. I'm so happy that i have finally passed only taking 3 and a bit months. Thank you for all the support along the way and the faith in me being able to pass :)           
Sophie Lancefield


I started driving September 2010 with Mark, started very nervously behind the wheel, months went by with having a lesson each week and by the April, Mark had full confidence in me to book my test. On the 11th of may 2011, I presented him with my pass certificate, which proved his confidence in me had payed off as I
passed first time, I would like to say a big THANKS to mark, for his patients and time he spent with me. I am now driving on the road safely thanks to mark himself, I wish him all the best with his instructing and I am proud to say what a positive and patient driving instructor he was for me, A real inspiration to youngsters.
Many thanks,
All the best,
From Kim Couling


Hi Mark!!!
thanks so much for helping me to pass my driving test first time. I know i was a hard work, but with your patience and guidence I did it. I am going to miss driving with you. 

Joanna Denney                                                                                            


Dear Peter,I am writing to you to thank you for all the guidence and support that you provided me during the driving lessons which granted me all the necessary skills and the full confidence to pass the driving test at the first attempt and to improve my driving ability for the rest of my life. It is worth metioning that I highly appreciated all the methods that you adopted to help me get over my bad driving habits including your fantastic sense of humour which helped much at making every piece instruction so enjoyable and unforgettable. My best wishes to you and to Andover Driving school.

Wameedh Hammadi.


Thank you for andover driving school, who tell me about peter carter, and now I pass my test. he the best driving instuctor I ever get he kind, fun and I very enjoy every time I have lesson with him thank you.
best regard
rinthima sullivan ( penn )


Thank you mark, I went from having no confidence behind the wheel to passing my test first time!! You are an excellent teacher and I am very glad I was advised to use your driving school.

Scott Dowsett
PS I hope you can do the same for my wife! 

I passed my test today first time and am extremely thankful to Andover driving school! I had Mark as my driving instructor who put up with all my driving panics! I had fantastic lessons which were always enjoyable and felt completely comfortable asking questions when i needed to! We also had lovely chats on the way to Newbury, it was completely thanks to his teaching that i managed to pass my test first time and that i'm able to now go onto the roads with complete confidence! I would completely 100% recommend Andover driving school it cant be beaten!                                                                                                                            
Nikki Taylor


I would defianatly recommend Andover Driving School, I passed my Driving test today and it was such a relief to hear the words, "Naomi, you have passed! I would like to thank Andover driving school, especially mark as he put up with one of the most inconsistent drivers in the world (me) but he still managed to teach me and to pass my test! Woohoo! If you are thinking of learning to drive, this is defiantly the right school to learn with. 

Thank you very much Andover Driving School.                                                                                          

Naomi Bunn


Dear Peter,

Please accept my very late thank you for your tremendous guidance and adjusting your schedule to accommodate my driving test, I have moved back to London this (and my employer- so no vehicle!) alas, I am grateful to have my licence and thank you kindly for you brilliant teaching abilities.

With kind regards

Naomi Matthews


You helped me no end with my driving, you never waffled too much about the theory of driving but got on with the practical side. I always enjoyed our chats on the way to Newbury..
Second time lucky....Thank you so much!

Charli Geany     


Thank you for helping me pass my drivin test. I'm really enjoying driving.
Thanks again

Carla Fisher


Hi Mark                                                                                                                    
All I can say is thanks again. you've been a great teacher from start to finish. For someone that believed i couldn't use gears, you've applied patience and also installed self belief that i could drive. Lo and behold i passed my test first time! Thanks for your professional and personable approach, it has been much appreciated.

Yours, (making progress)

Roy Slydel


Hi Mark                                                                                                                    
Just a quick note to tell you how thankfull i am that you taught me how to drive and pass my  test. I remember how scared i was on my first lesson but your kind and patient nature made everything better and the next thing i knew i was driving around by myself. I am absolutely loving driving around and am getting more and more confident. But yeah, really,really, thank you so much.  You are an excellent teacher and its the best present ever. I am so grateful for all of your teaching and help.
Thank you again.

Lottie Rose x x

P.S. Carry on teaching as it is the best present you can give anyone and you are really good.


Hi Mark                                                 

just to say thank you for all you've done over the previous months.            

All the best

Joanne P............     


I can't believe it, i'm still shocked that I passed my driving test! but I couldnt have done it without you! Thank you for putting up with me. Mark you are a great instructor and i was glad you taught me!


Tracy S. .. X.........


Mark thank you for all the support you gave me even though I was a pain in the backside! i did'nt think i'd ever do it but you said i could thanks again.

Love Katie Appleton. xx...      

P.S  The cheque should'nt bounce but if it does at least I can leave the country in my car!



Dear Mark thank you for being such an excellent instructor for Josh. your patience and posotive approach has helped him and Hannah to pass their driving tests, and I feel be competant drivers.

Thank you again Sue R.


Dear mark thank you for all your help and patience while I was learning to drive. I will recommend you to all of my friends, please find enclosed cheque of £10.00 that I owe you, thanks again.  You are a star..............

Hannah H.


Can you beleive it sophie passed!! Many thanks for all your hard work & co-operation in fitting in the lessons. We have a 17 year old son who is waiting to get started so i'll keep in touch......

Fiona E.


To Mark the methodical and fluent teacher.  Thank you for the thorough preparations and instructions you have helped me with, and also, especially the exactly right approach to driving. Thank you again, your presence has been pleasent to me.Be well,

Ginny P.      P.S. have success with the Japanese undertaking! 

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